Posted by: kenwbudd | February 7, 2009

Looking for another War – Try Project Management

How can you leave the battlefield with your dignity, honour and /or pride in tact? I am not so sure that its possible without losing your life to the struggle. Dead heroes are greatly honoured, when flown home, away from the conflict. Pity the one’s that remain in the danger zone and have to keep on struggling.

What are your choices in this war? Honourable or dishonourable discharge, medical discharge (physical or psychological wounding), desertion or death. Some of these categories may overlap but from this list you can deduce that you have only about a 1 in 5 chance of a positive result. Not good odds.

How can a positive outcome be achieved?

  • You keep your head down,
  • Avoid the more serious, career-stopping, fighting,
  • Always obey the last command,
  • Never be the first to do anything,
  • Protect only yourself but
  • Run with the crowd, staying away from the perimeter and if at all possible,
  • Hire a dispensible contractor or consultant to do the dangerous stuff and
  • Stick to developing Strategy and Policy!We’re right behind you men!

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the PM business!

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