Posted by: kenwbudd | March 2, 2009

Caution! – Downsizing ahead

Are you a Target?

1. You’re being left out of important meetings.
Challenge the fact that you’re not being invited to important meetings. Your omission may simply be an honest mistake (unlikely). Explain what is missing in their approach e.g. new insight or important perspective. Stress that you will bring added value to the meeting and assure the ‘leader’ that you will strengthen his position by supporting him, given the opportunity.

2. Your span of control is shrinking.
Be proactive. No one is going to give you anything.

  • Hunt down and capture new responsibilities on your own initiative.
  • Research possible new product lines.
  • Propose strategies and tactics to fend off the competitors.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of competitors and expose possible weaknesses.
  • Make your presence known by attending voluntary meetings and corporate outings.
  • Volunteer to organise events that demonstrate your wide range of under-utilised talents.

3. Your projects are getting cancelled.
Check that you, your boss and company’s priorities are properly aligned. Find the key project that’s aligned with corporate goals and get on board. See previous paragraph for finding new projects. Even if it is outwith your job title. Be ‘flexible’. Your company is going through difficult changes. Show your willigness to change and grow with it.

4. You have a new boss.
You made the old boss look good so, make the new boss look better. If you demonstrate to them that you’re there to make them look good and can achieve their goals, they won’t want to let you go, immediately. Not until they find someone faster/cheaper/younger and better connected.

5. Your company’s financial statements are bleeding red ink.
Wake up and smell the Java, the company is struggling you and your peers could get laid off no matter what. Start networking now, get your résumé into shape, start blogging and look for a new job.

You will find that your old friends and colleagues will be only too happy to hear from you, because they will be facing similar issues. A bit like rats congregating to jump onto the iceberg before the ship hits it.

  • Make your presence felt.
  • Raise your Profile.
  • Be clear in your goals, don’t be invisible
Whereas all deceptions requires secrecy, all secrecy is not deception


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