Posted by: kenwbudd | April 27, 2009

Do not skimp on replacing old laptops

Your Business may not survive it!
Not replacing laptops can prove very costly. You will need additional service cover against losses and breakdowns, because the warranties have expired, not to mention the lost productivity in using a three year old model. Keep your laptops up to date and in the new budget. If there are cuts to be made then this not the time or the place.

Companies are trying to cope with reduced IT budgets and are postponing the purchase of new laptop computers but they are making a big mistake.

Extending the use of laptops two years beyond the traditional three-year lifetime cost companies an average of $/Euros 1,050 per machine, more than the initial replacement cost.

The additional costs will include a hype in repair costs simply due to old age, normal wear and tear and the end of three-year warranty periods.

For each laptop user that is using the outdated equipment, it costs the company about $/Euros 9,600 in lost worker productivity over the two-year period.

Many companies are keeping a tight control over new purchases because of the recession. Some forward-thinking companies have taken the more positive step of replacing some user laptops with less expensive smartphones or other handheld devices. Such devices can be far more cost-effective for users who are only using laptops to access e-mail.

The replacement of corporate laptops with mobile devices should grow significantly over the next decade. In fact, it is predicted that in less than 10 years, the majority of Internet users will be accessing the Internet via a mobile device instead of a laptop or desktop.

Mobile devices are now being seen as mission critical but organisations are not quite at the point where they are completely confident about replacing laptops with smartphones. They are looking seriously at it and planning to research the potential gains in efficiency.


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