Posted by: kenwbudd | August 26, 2009

Tedious Presentations: Try Buzzword Bingoconcentrating on

Do tedious presentations filled with cascading synergistic jargon make your brain hurt?

In previous years some humourous wags would have resorted to handing out corporate buzzword bingo cards to liven up the presentations or to alleviate the tedium, brought on by the men in suits.

Trouble is, they took hours to make up and you had to be somewhat premeditated about it, but thanks to the marvels of IT and the internet, we can once more be amusing and spontaneous!

If you go to and you will be rewarded with a fresh card each time you visit. As an example, row in front of me now reads “enable, Geo-social, demographics, customer-facing, best practices”, which sounds perfect for your next presentation.

Print off as many bingo slips as you need, hand them to like minded colleagues enduring the meeting with you, and be sure to advise them to try to avoid shouting “Bingo!” too loudly when the presenter has completed a row or a column of jargon.

Failure to exercise such self-restraint could result in a dynamic downsizing denouement – known in American English as a pink slip, and to Brits as a P45.

In that unhappy event, though, the ex-colleagues could always check for innovative income-stream identifiers: it has just suggested to us that we might seek work as a “Graphic Filtering Guru” or a “Dot-Com Evolution Administrator”.


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