Posted by: kenwbudd | November 17, 2009

Unemployed? Should you retrain to get a new job?

We will make the bold assumption that your current skills are not bleeding edge but are relevant to this century and current business practices.

It’s a good and valid question in the current circumstances and it makes very good sense from your side, so let’s consider it from the employers point of view.

You will find that companies are in ‘Me take, me no-give’ mode and definitely not in a ‘Happy to Wait n see /training’ mode.

This means they are currently looking for skilled people with good experience, that can add something to the company right freakin’ now, which means they will only employ people to do what they already know and want them to do it well.

Companies are very unsure about taking on people who have just learned a new skill and are looking for experience. The company will see this as you simply gaining experience at the company’s expense and shy away from it. The one’s that are interested will pay you no-money for this and that’s not a serious option for you, unless you have a secondary income.

So, in summary, learning a new skill in this position, will delay your return to work (with steady loss of earnings), reduce your earning capacity in the next job (if you can find a company willing to take you) and you will quickly start to lose the benefit and impact that your current ‘up to the minute’ skills has on potential employers.

I mean by this, that the delay through lack of practical use will create a significant doubt in the minds of potential employers, which is not good. If there is a choice between 2 people, the one with the ‘most current’ skills and shortest ‘gap’ will win, all else being equal.

So, get your job hunting trousers on, tighten your brown belt of self esteem, stride out and tell everyone you meet that you do what you do do, well!


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