Posted by: kenwbudd | November 28, 2009

UK Young and unemployed people in Trade Union Backed demo

Young people from across the UK are to join a demonstration in London, highlighting growing concerns over youth unemployment and lack of opportunities for jobs.The campaign group Youth Fight for Jobs are the central organisers for the demo.

Trade union leaders support this demonstration and will play a part in the protest in central London to press for more action to tackle youth unemployment. Youth unemployment in the UK is nearing a million.

Students, union activists and other campaigners will travel to the capital from areas which have been badly hit by the rise in youth unemployment, including Hull and Birmingham.

Political support
Labour MP John McDonnell (Hayes and Harlington) said: “This march highlights the plight of the million young people who are now unemployed and the many more who are facing joblessness as a result of this recession.”

Young Pay the Price
“Young people are being forced to pay for the economic crisis whilst bankers award themselves another £5 billion in bonuses this month. I support the march and urge people to join this campaign to demand action against youth unemployment.”

Union Leaders
Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union said: “Unemployment is a massive human cost to accept. It’s even more damaging with one in five young people being unemployed. It’s important that we place young people at the core of our aims and objectives, to achieve developing policies for them.”

National Organiser
Sean Figg, national organiser for the campaign, added: “This demonstration is going to make it clear that young people are not prepared to face a future of unemployment, job cuts and attacks on our public services.

“Youth unemployment stands at around one million, and disgracefully the Government is cutting vocational education, and is thinking about raising university fees, whilst increasing the level of qualifications needed to find employment.”

All this leads to further cutting out and increased exclusion of the working class youth from further education. When a degree qualification has become the minimum qualification to apply for well paid jobs and this right has been taken away from the poorer classes, you cynically and aggresively remove any chance of the poor from improving their standard of living and their lifestyle.

Excluding and condemning the UK youth to unemployment induced poverty is a recipe for civil unrest and another step towards the breakdown of democracy and a liberal society.


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