Posted by: kenwbudd | December 4, 2009

Beware H1N1: The Computer Phishing email

Beware the H1N1 phishing e-mail, designed to convince you to put your personal information on a Web page created by a crook so they can steal from you.

Your first clue here may be the address the e-mail purports to be from, According to the domain gurus Whois, this is not a registered domain.

What frightens folks most is its claims that the topic is a real program, and forms part of the official vaccination programs for H1N1. The problem here is that you have to register for the fake H1N1 malware but you don’t have to register for the official program.

Malware and phishing victims are directed to a “personal profile” capture page, run by the scammers.

The US CDC has put out an alert in response to the hoax. They have a special feature on their continuing blog site, called hoaxes_rumors.

It might be interesting if the researchers and analysts compared the spread of this virus with the spread of the real H1N1 strain. I suspect that this one will be more infectious but with a shorter duration.


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