Posted by: kenwbudd | December 14, 2009

8 Questions that will increas your blog traffic

8 questions to ask yourself to help identify what is working (or what might work) with your readers and niche:

  • What topics generate most comments on your blog?
  • What topics generate most comments on other blogs in your niche?
  • What other sites do your readers visit a lot? What activities are they doing there?
  • What features are readers asking for?
  • What was your biggest traffic day – what brought it about?
  • Which of your posts seem to get Retweeted most on Twitter and passed around most on other social media sites?
  • Which of your posts are getting linked to most from other blogs/sites?
  • What other sites send you most traffic? How can you build relationships with these sites?

This list could go on and on. It is all about looking for points of life on your site (even small ones) where there’s some kind of energy or positive outcome happening and then repeating them in a slightly different and unique way.

You are looking for opportunities to build on and improve on what you did previously. Good luck!


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