Posted by: kenwbudd | December 15, 2009

China: Beijing cuts broadcaster’s signal amid censorship and media crackdown

China has blocked the broadcasting signal for a popular television network, a company official said Monday, amid growing media censorship in the country.

Sun TV viewers on the Chinese mainland called the network’s Hong Kong office on December 5 to report that they had lost their signal, the spokesman said, declining to give his name or job title.

“Some people in the audience called our broadcasting centre,” he told AFP.

“We later confirmed that all the signals on the mainland are blocked, but we don’t know the reason.”

Chinese talk show celebrity Yang Lan founded Sun TV, which is owned by Hong Kong-listed Sun Television Cybernetworks Enterprise. Its programmes are aired in Hong Kong and throughout Southeast Asia.

It was unclear why China cut the signal, but the network’s politically outspoken guests may have angered Beijing.

The move comes after China detained several thousand people in a crack down on internet pornography with authorities offering rewards of up to 10,000 yuan (1,465 dollars) to Internet users who report websites with adult content.

China’s Communist Party has a history of blocking online content it deems unhealthy, which includes pornography and sensitive political information.

As of November 30, authorities had shut down over 400 video and audio websites this year for operating without a licence or for containing pornography, copyright-violating content or other “harmful” information.

Popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have also been blocked in China as authorities try to tighten the flow of information, especially following unrest in Xinjiang this year and Tibet last year


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