Posted by: kenwbudd | March 24, 2010

Job Losses, Unemployment and Depression

Job loss and unemployment are all too common in tehse troubled times and each can hit their victims hard.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
When people lose their jobs, they also lose a significant components of their identity, confidence and self-esteem. Along with this, comes a sudden disruption to their well-established daily routines and financial security.

Job loss and unemployment seriously undermines a person’s feelings of self-worth, comfort, security and personal control. The first step on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Traumatic loss
In the current economic environment, job loss is a traumatic experience. People say they are terrified that they are not going to get a new job, what they mean is that their basic sense of what they are worth and who they are, has been seriously compromised.

The emotional impact of an individual experiencing a traumatic job loss, is akin to the death of a close family member, a divorce or a car accident: They feel defeated, demoralised, a sense of loss, disoriented, worthless, rejected and scared. Depression can, and does, easily follow.

Handling Rejection
Today’s merciless job searches compound people’s feelings of fear and worthlessness. There is little or no feedback and therefore no payback for all your efforts. Clearly, it is not a deliberate action, but this lack of feedback from recruiters and employers, leads job seekers to further doubt their value.

The emotional roller-coaster that job seekers experience, when looking for work is normal, but it can so easily trigger a paralysing depression. Mental health experts say negative, self-defeating thoughts can so easily take over the minds of job seekers and govern their behaviour.

People will indulge in coping mechanisms and in self-depricating behavour; over-eating or under-eating, sleeping too much or too little. When depression sets in, conducting a job search and crawling out of unemployment becomes even harder.

If looking for a new job is really getting you down, seek help from the experts. If you need help to find a new job then don’t be afraid or too proud to accept it, from wherever you can.

Join a job club or seek advice from a professional agency. They will provide you with resources and good hard-won practical advice as well as keeping your morale and motivation high.

If your mood sinks into a depression, them you may be the last one to admit it but be honest with yourself. If you are becoming less active and have stopped enjoying other people’s company or have stopped enjoying your favourite activities, seek professional help from your doctor.

You are not mad, crazy, useless or any of the other things that your ‘head’ tells you, you are simply in a period of unemployment during a global economic recession. Keep pitching and trying. Things will change and you will win through.


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