Posted by: kenwbudd | April 30, 2010

BLACKSOCKS – Retail: A different Repeat Business model

Everyone hates shopping for socks. right? But we all need them and we all want to avoid those embarassing moments at the boss’s ‘chillout’ party when we kick off our tight shoes and there, on full view for all to see is our stumpy big toe, defiantly sticking through our old socks.

You feel that hard fought-for promotion flying away along with the respect and adoration of your office assistant and her cool friends.

Who has the time or motivation to buy socks anyway? You have to be some kind of crazy person to spend your valuable spare time searching the mall for knitted foot gloves to match your business ensemble.

Fear not! There is a simple stress-free solution. BLACKSOCKS – There is no easier way to deal with your sock sorrows

This is an excellent example of an online retail business model that directly meets the consumers’ needs for frequent changes of ‘consumable’ clothing.

These items are like spark plugs and tyres in a car, they will burn out or wear out and it is a low priority chore to replace them. Best to do it at a time and place that is convenient to you.

Pre-emptive, structured or scheduled maintenance has been an acceptable fact in the engineering world since time began and it can also be applied to consumers in retail and other sectors.


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