Posted by: kenwbudd | May 13, 2010

Leo Babauta of ZenHabits Offers you the Golden Ticket
‘Regular bloggers and contributers will know the name Leo Babauta – creator of the blog ZenHabits, among other successful blogs.

Leo’s famous for taking Zen Habits from nothing to one of the biggest blogs in the world with over 150,000 subscribers within a seemingly short period of time.

Off the back of his success he’s written a best selling book and launched a number of popular e-books. He works full time on what he does and is always experimenting with new ways to build his web presence.

So, it begs the question; How does one of the top professional Bloggers make money in a marketplace that seems to give everything away for FREE?

Well, this new business model is not so different from the old business model in that you first need to establish or identify a good customer base (subscribers) and secondly, you need to know what that customer base wants or needs that the competition is not providing.

Now your customers, or potential customers, may think they know what they need or want, ‘now’. If you ask them they will probably tell you that they need more of, and it’ll be more of the same, but it should be faster, cheaper, easier, more convenient, renewable, ecologically sound, greener, etc.

They may even talk about the ‘future’ but the chances are they may not know what that ‘future’ looks like and that’s where you come in. You are the one that will enable them to envisage, and hopefully, experience the ‘future,’ now.

You have to remember that Henry Ford’s customers only wanted more of the ‘now’, cheaper and faster horses, but he sold them the ‘future’, the automobile.

Watch this very amateurish video and ask yourself, ‘Why is he so successful, what is he selling and how can I apply that to my business?

If, you have trouble coming up with the correct answers, come back to me and I will explain it further or we can develop a more focussed solution that will directly benefit your business.


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