Posted by: kenwbudd | June 13, 2010

The Art of Rapid Transition

The Art of Rapid Transition – the new economics foundation

We are living in what can only be described as interesting times: a debt-fuelled economic crisis, the looming peak and decline of global oil production, and the potential loss of a climate system able conducive to stable, flourishing societies.

The Art of Rapid Transition was a series of five extraordinary events hosted by nef at the Hay Literary Festival in 2009.

They were inspired by the admission by the former Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan that: “I discovered a flaw in the model that I perceived as the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works”.

There are a range of positive examples, both past and present, which provide a rich source of inspiration for the Great Transition to a new economy.

From Cuba, where the response to the sudden loss of cheap oil and subsequent economic collapse was so successful that it was dubbed the ‘anti-model’ in Washington DC, to the spectacular growth of the Transition Town movement.

The lessons that can be learnt from resource-use during war-time, The Art of Rapid Transition presents a range of positive ideas about how to survive (and thrive) in times of crises, and be better equipped to deal with emerging challenges.


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