Posted by: kenwbudd | June 16, 2010

The Best Leaders Teach Others To Lead

“There’s nothing you can screw up that I can’t help fix,” she was often heard telling her students at Air Force Fighter Weapons School (the Air Force equivalent of Top Gun). And it is this philosophy that makes Lori Robinson a great leader. She understands she’s only as good as those she leads.

When a leader spends more time reprimanding people for making mistakes, they will quickly create a culture in which people will fear making mistakes. Innovation and productivity suffer because the team will play not to lose instead of playing to win.

Worse, few if any will want to take personal accountability for their actions. They will point fingers or come up with excuses. And if people don’t own their own decisions and actions then they will never feel a part of something bigger than themselves. They will rarely go out of their way to help their colleagues, the group or the company.

That’s not the case for those who General Robinson commands. She is renowned for working to clear a path for others so that they may succeed. She has earned remarkable loyalty from those who have ever served her. In fact, those who have served under her have gone on to have remarkable careers of their own. And it is this that makes Lori Robinson a brilliant leader. She does all she can to serve those who serve her.

Click to download the excerpt about Lori Robinson in Start With Why


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