Posted by: kenwbudd | December 10, 2010

New Insight: Guy Clapperton on Show Me The Money

..With the continual emphasis on freemium business models and the ’give it away’ culture, Journalist and Broadcaster Guy Clapperton delivers a digitial reality check in which he asks us the famous phrase: show me the money!

Guy Clapperton is the author of “This Is Social Media” (2009) and has been using what he’d identify as social media since 1993. He’s as much interested in the changes in behaviour that electronic communications have brought about as in the technology or the social networks themselves.

He has been a freelance journalist in the technology and business arenas since 1989. You might have seen him on the BBC, read him in the Guardian, the Times, the Sunday Telegraph or most of the broadsheet national newspapers.

He has been freelance since 1993 and this has taught him, no matter what the superficial appeal of a business or technology idea, to sanity-check it for potential profits every time. Read more on his Alumni profile.

Watch Guy’s Insight in HD, along with other videos and speaker bio. His Twitter account


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