Posted by: kenwbudd | December 22, 2010

Discharge your rage and stay healthy

People who remain calm in stressful situations also have higher rates of depression and obesity, in addition to poorer overall health.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham in England collected health data for 1,300 people over a 14-year period. They also gave them each a stress test, which determines how a person’s blood pressure and heart rate respond to stressful situations.

The more a person’s vital signs remained unchanged during the stress test, the more likely they were to develop depression and obesity over the next five years — and the more likely they were to report they were in poor overall health.

So, the saying shouldn’t be “serenity now, insanity later”; rather, it’s more like “serenity now, total physiological malfunction later.”

Take some time to develop acceptable ways to release your emotions on a regular basis and stop carrying this added burden of emotional baggage.

Let it go! But don’t aim it at anyone!


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