Posted by: kenwbudd | April 10, 2011

Generation ‘C’: Who are they?

They are members of a new generation that are coming into their own, over the next decade.

Its members are typically realists and materialists. They are culturally liberal, though not necessarily politically progressive.

They are upwardly mobile, yet they live with their parents longer than earlier generations ever did.

Many of their social interactions take place on the Internet, where they feel free to express their opinions and attitudes.

They’ve grown up under the influence of Harry Potter, Barack Obama, and iEverything — iPods, iTunes, iPhones. Technology is so intimately woven into their lives that the (baby boom–era) concept of “early adopters” is essentially meaningless.

We call them Generation C — connected, communicating, content-centric, computerised, community-oriented, always clicking.

As a rule, they were born on or after 1990 and have lived their adolescent years after 2000.

In the developed world, Generation C encompasses everyone in this age group; in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), they are primarily urban and suburban.

Coming to a city near you!
By 2020, they will make up 40 percent of the population in the U.S., Europe, and the BRIC countries, and 10 percent of the rest of the world — and by then, they will constitute the largest single cohort of consumers worldwide.

Are you prepared?
Executives must begin now to develop an agenda that includes an analysis of the capabilities and workforces they will need in the next decade and beyond.

A critical step will be to make sure that the organisation as a whole understands the coming changes, and that there are already people within the organisation who are living these changes now, who don’t perceive them as a threat, and who can help integrate them into the organisation’s business plan.

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