Posted by: kenwbudd | April 16, 2011

3 Things that will Increase your Google rankings

We all want to attract new clients or customers, right?

So how can you get more people to discover or seek out your site?

Step 1: Comment positively on other’s blogs

When you start out exploring social media, you quickly figure out that the only way to learn about this new process was to listen and accept what is reported by people who know what they are talking about. Then, listen and emulate.

Readthe popular blogs written by people Jim Connolly, Darren Rowse: Problogger, Bobbie Johnstone Gerd Leonhard: Media Futurist and others, but not just that, strike up a dialogue with them by commenting on their postings.

Most Professional bloggers and writers will respond to your comments. This will boost your confidence and encourage you more. Soon you will be happy to comment on new bloggers to comment on.

It’s a slow but steady strategy that, if you stick to it, you will see your Google ratings increase and once that happens your Google profile will grow from there.

Step 2: Select your Home blog and encourage others to visit

You may only have one blog at this time but eventually you may increase that. So, select the blog you want to be known for and make sure all your comments are linked back to your primary blog.

Make it easy for readers to find you by using this as a quick link to your blog. Also try and link the comment to one of your own postings. In this way, your reader will find more relevant information on your site.

Step 3: Maintain the Relationships by Blogging regularly

Once you have started to excite and inform your readers, the last thing yo want to do is to leave them hanging or feeling abandoned.

You need to make your blog your home, your own office or back yard and, if you have a more professionally constructed web site it should be a dynamic arm of that site and intrinsically linked to it, using both url links and moreover by the content.

Once you have done all that all you have left to do is write and given the inspiring content found on professional bloggers sites, you will find plenty of triggers to spark off your muse. We can talk about how to build good content another day but for now, stop procrastinating and just write.


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