• Strong Specialist views in most technical IT areas and inquisitive Generalist views in others. Able to rapidly assess a complex or emotive situation and visualise a solution from a variety of levels and directions. Contributing to and participating in the development of the most effective approach and solution
  • Able to work with people of different backgrounds and /or cultures and resolve issues with empathy and positive motivation. Can understand /simplify complex concepts and translate them into applicable and practical terms
  • Willing and able to inspire and promote understanding at all levels, break down barriers and resolve difficulties.
  • Extensive understanding of the managerial needs and overlapping or conflicting issues when working locally and across functional and geographical boundaries. Develop definitions of the differentials
  • Highly developed social skills, enables the building and motivation of cohesive team structures
  • Takes an overall horizontal view of the business organisation, its management and its composition from vertical units and profit centres.
  • Analyses, assess and resolves dysfunctional team problems by considering the individual’s influence on the team as one dynamic entity interacting within a larger dynamic entity
  • Has a strong vision of technology as a provider of beneficial tools for enabling business growth, if well selected, applied and controlled. It should never be allowed to lead or direct, but support the business.
  • Excellent comprehension of business functions and the processes that support them. Strong belief in the need for controllable dynamic change to match business goals and market trends
  • Experienced in using some of the standard tools e.g. ARIS at consultancy level and MS Visio for basic flowcharts. Also has the benefit of the business knowledge behind these tools.
  • Problem resolution and management of valid progressive change and complexity in business. Aid to minimising disruptive events in service provision, business development and promoting positive stability
  • Strong social interaction, perception, insight and interviewing techniques. Can develop questionnaires to fit different constraints, cultural approaches and business views or areas. Whatever the client requires or wants to achieve.
  • Comprehension of the importance of each functional entity, the performance milestones and the active and passive roles of each contributor in the extended team
  • Quick to gain comprehension of the executive outlook, drivers and needs. Able to aid the executives in the capture, structuring and communication of these visions, to all levels
  • Excellent understanding of team dynamics, the management of people and their behaviour as an intellectual resource. Also able to bring out the best in people, consistently
  • Simplification of complex concepts, framing them in a repeatable logical format and following this through validation to implementation

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